Election Fraud 2020: Where Do We Go From Here?

Super political post warning for those of you who are allergic to it (if you’re allergic to politics, skip to the last paragraph and read that)!

I believe that the Biden-Harris team is destructive to the US Constitution as it was intended by the framers (don’t ask me what I mean by that, just go read the Federalist Papers). I’m not afraid that we’re going to lose our Republic (that ship has mostly sailed, IMHO). But if they are successful in implementing the policies that they have publicly endorsed, it will be detrimental to our liberty, economy, and general way of life as Americans.

That said, I believe that President Trump is also doing us a great disservice. If there was election fraud, I am completely in favor of exposing it and dealing with it. However, the president’s legal team has not been successful in producing any real evidence of widespread fraud that could overturn the results. They’re making a lot of noise and a lot of accusations, and throwing around a lot of affidavits, but have not managed to actually, concretely demonstrate anything real.

Further, despite the claims that have been made, I believe that the way elections are conducted in this country helps prevent that widespread fraud. I know I’m not going to convince people who are already convinced otherwise, but the localization of election policy actually helps. It would make it extremely difficult to coordinate across regions effectively—there are just too many moving parts. I think that voting by mail can certainly be problematic, and perhaps did create problems in this cycle as well, but not demonstrably on a level that would change the outcome.

To those who are questioning how in the world Joe Biden got 80 million votes (I’ve seen at least 47 memes or posts about that), it’s not nearly as dificult to imagine as you seem to think. Remember that Trump also got 74 million – also a record! And also consider that most of Biden’s votes really aren’t from people who are excited about Biden. On the contrary, many of them are just from people that hate Trump. Biden does not really rouse emotion. But Trump absolutely does, both positive and negative, and I can easily see how that could tip the scales for Biden—it’s what I expected would happen several months ago.

And there’s something else that I don’t hear many talking about. President Trump has complained about fraud in every single election he’s been involved in. Why would this one be any different? He accused Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and others. And now this. He’s had 4 years in office. Why has he not done anything to actually deal with it if it is as he claims?

So why is he doing a disservice? Because there comes a time to stop making accusations, stop rambling and whining for 45 minutes at a time, and recognize reality. If there is real evidence yet to present, by all means, publish it, but stop the nonsense.

It is time for conservative Americans to try to unite and actually begin making a real plan for 2024. Trump is not the answer. But it will certainly be an uphill battle. We need to up our game, increase our ability to articulate Constitutional values, and influence others with those valuable principles. Don’t throw in the towel, look for opportunities!

And while we may not like the policies that the upcoming administration will be promoting, we can keep living beneficial lives. Love God and serve him. Provide for your family (love, protect, serve, teach). Love your neighbor. Be involved in a Christ-honoring, faithful-to-Scripture local church. Increase your own knowledge and abilities. Fight for the total abolition of abortion in your state and community. Live a peaceable and quiet life. This world is not all there is; so don’t put more stock in it than it deserves. As Al Smith’s old chorus reminds us, live “with eternity’s values in view”!

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