What Manner of Love!

The following is my notes from Bro. Dan Cozart’s message at the Grace Baptist Church Bible Conference. I have only edited my notes enough to make it understandable to someone who was not there. It was such an encouragement to me that I thought perhaps it would be helpful to others.

09.04.23 Bro. Dan Cozart, Grace Baptist, Claremore


Dan Cozart“Behold, What Manner of Love”

1 John 3.1-3

This passage begins with an attention-getting word. Behold – look and perceive, a prolonged gaze.
It is followed by that which is important.

This is the Father’s love bestowed upon His children, not just common benevolence which is seen in the rest of the world.

The Description of Love

1. A free love – Ex 33.19
The cause of God’s love lies within Himself.

2. An undeserved love – Romans 5.8

3. An eternal love – John 17.23 – as He loved His son – from eternity past

4. An everlasting love – Jeremiah 31.3 – to the future
Romans 8 – nothing can separate us

5. An unchanging love – God does not sulk! – Malachi 3.6

6. A sacrificial love – 1 John 4.10 – He is truly the propitiation for our sins!

7. A cleansing love – washed in His own blood

8. An elective love – Ephesians 1.4 – What caused God to elect in the first place? Because of His good pleasure – which caused Him to love us!

9. A redeeming love – Galatians 3.13

10. A chastening love – Hebrews 12.5-8 – chastening and scourging – He chastens to show us that He loves us.

The Objects of His love

His love is bestowed on us (His children), not them (the world) – this is an “us” and “them” book! (2.19)

The Purpose of His Love

We are called the sons of God – our adopted position in Christ – children by birth, sons by adoption

We are joint-heirs with Christ

The Effect of His Love

– the world knoweth us not, because the Father has bestowed His love upon us

The Result of His Love

We shall be like Him!
This is the purpose of our predestination according to Romans 8.29-30.

We will be like Him after the resurrection – Acts 1.11
1. a real body – not only a spiritual resurrection
2. a bloodless body – Luke 24.36-39 – flesh and bones (no blood mentioned) – spiritual life not in the blood
3. a glorified body

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